Fridge Repairs

Fridge Repairs in Werribee and wider Melbourne

Is your refrigerator functioning poorly or broken? Call the team at Expert Appliance Repairs for reliable fridge repairs in Melbourne. There are some small fixes that a person with a little technical skill can handle on their own. Beyond that the only smart move is to employ a skilled technician to save you time, money and the extra work. When it comes to expert fridge repairs no one can do the job better than Expert Appliance Repairs. We’ve built our reputation on affordable prices, quality workmanship and our ability to complete jobs in a timely manner.

At Expert Appliance Repairs we pride ourselves on being the best appliance repair specialists in Melbourne. We treat our customers just as we’d expect to be treated!

Unsure if you need our services? We’ve compiled this list of smart tips to assist you. All of these points indicate that your fridge needs to be serviced or repaired. Simply call the team at Expert Appliance Repairs for quality fridge repairs in Melbourne. Act fast before a small problem turns into a bigger one.

* Strange Noises

This is usually a warning sign that leads to larger fridge issues. If the noise is coming from the back of your refrigerator, there are a few things that could be causing the problem. Simply call us and one of our expert technicians will be sent out to you as soon as possible. They’ll be able to determine what’s causing the problem and carry out any necessary fridge repairs. They’re sure to get your fridge running like new in no time. This can save you from more costly work later on.

* Fridge Won’t Run at All

The fridge not operating at all can be anything from a small quick fix to an issue that requires a larger repair. Trying to self-diagnose this, unless you’re an expert with wide experience, can be very difficult and frustrating. Most people are happy to have one of our technicians handle it, especially considering our low prices and quick service calls.

* Fridge is Running, but not Cooling

The most common cause of this issue is problems with the thermostat or compressor. This symptom most probably requires some part replacements. We’re able to service and repair all major and minor fridge brands without a problem. We can discuss your individual requirements on the phone or during your scheduled appointment.

* Leaking Water

Most fridges have a drip pan behind the kick plate. During a defrost cycle, water from melting ice in the freezer typically drains through a tube, down the back of the refrigerator and into the drip pan. If the drip pan becomes full water will leak onto the floor. There may be other problems in addition to this, hence the necessity of contacting our team of experts. We are experienced in a range of fridge repairs and nearly every other home appliance repair you could think of!

There are many other fridge problems that may occur – don’t hesitate to let us know what the situation is and we’ll take care of it in a flash!

Expert fridge Repairs – Make Us Your First Call

Whether you need expert fridge repairs or other appliance repairs, give our team a call. We’ll always give you a price that respects your budget and workmanship that’s of the highest standards. Give us a call and arrange an appointment today. There’s no reason to go without a working fridge while we’re here to help!